Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Back again

Although I haven't posted any notes on this blog for a while I have still been training hard. Most of my training notes I have been recording in traditional 'hard copy'. I had been contemplating exactly how I want to handle my training notes. I think it is really just going to come down to a mix of paper and online posts.

Since my last posts the developments in my training have been:
  • I have been accepted as a murid (student) in Pentjak Silat Serak under Maha Guru Victor 'Pak Vic' De Thouars in the VDT Academy instructor training program.
  • I attended the first day of Guro Dan Inosanto's seminar held at the Trident Academy in Woodbridge, VA. The training was strongly focused on Silat.
  • Have been training with Gary and Thad outside of class focused mostly on Silat Serak (Gary is also in the VDT instructor training program).
  • Moved to Gaithersburg and I am working on making the large finished basement room of my house into a training area. I am thinking of starting an small intimate/informal training group (JKD & Kali Silat).
  • MAK training has focused on stick and dagger, contra sombradas etc.


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